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My business is chiefly for choirs, composers and arrangers.

A general range of services I provide include:  

    Music typesetting from hand-written manuscripts or scores

    Engraving scores for publishing and performance

    Parts extraction

    Piano scores

    Transposition to any desired key.

    Title pages, (with reference and relevance  to your own graphics)

    The finished work can be provided on single sheets or in booklet form.

Why? - Engraved music is more legible and more professionally presentable. It is easier for the performers to work from and your work deserves to be viewed in the best light possible.

The Process

Submit your handwritten copy either by post or by an email attachment which is in either pdf or jpg format and I will produce the engraved version. It's as simple as that. It will be returned in a word format or copies can be printed for you and delivered by post. (postage extra)

Introduction:  Handwritten music can be difficult to follow, even if it is very neatly done. Horizontal and vertical spacing is important for reading rhythm and pitch. Rests are also difficult to draw and the dynamics are easily confused. Mistakes are hard to correct and the results often look messy.

  I am an experienced music engraver, working with the Sibelius First 7— a leading music type-setting software. My experience and musicianship ensures consistent and professional results.